Based in Nashville, TN, Robert Daniels is probably best known for live performances of his party anthems “Free Margaritas”, “Allergic To Tequila”, “BYOT” and “Richard”. What many people don’t know is that Robert has songs  currently running in TV shows, TV commercials and movie promos that have been distributed literally all over the world to places like the US, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, Lithuania, Singapore, the Bahamas and the list continues to grow. Most recently his music has been featured on  the TruTV network show “Almost Genius”, the Belgian TV Show “You’re So  Cupid” and and the popular Brazilian home improvement show “Casa GNT”; and one of his songs was just used to promo a movie on Canadian TV. His music has been  licensed in over 50 TV and radio commercials throughout the world. Robert’s songs have  received extensive radio airplay as well. Current news includes: “Never Too Late”, co-written with Adam Kowal and Alayna  Carroll, has been recorded and released by popular country  group Cash Creek on Heartland Records Nashville; his song “Look Good Wet”, co-written with Brian Jones, Judson Smith and Amanda Jones has been released as a single by both the duo Wayward Jones as well as the band from the UK, Brand A. “Always On the Move” has just been cut by co-writer Amanda Pruitt, formerly of the Highway Women. Robert is also developing a great reputation as a producer for his “real music by real people” style. He is affiliated with  ASCAP, as both writer and publisher.